Have you decided to buy the Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Guide?!

Or maybe just clicking around and checking things out?

Either way, here are the pricing options I've created for you.  Both are an incredible value. 

In fact, I guarantee that the cost of this guide is a steal compared to what you will learn from it, especially if you've never hunted Kodiak Island before.

If, for any reason you aren't happy -- of course you will get 100% of your money back.  My goal is to provide more value than what I ask in return and I just can't take your money if you aren't totally satisfied.

- Abe

Option 1

If you are all-in on a Kodiak hunt, you can get the guide now for 100 bucks. Implement the cost-saving steps in the guide and save several times that over the course of your first hunt.

Option 2

The cost of a 6-pack of microbrew is definitely easier to rationalize to your significant other! Get instant access to the guide for 12 payments of $10 per month ($120 total). Cancel anytime. Easy Peezy.

Did you know the sun shines on Kodiak?

...actually all the time.  I've been sun-burned in April! 

We wear quality rain gear, but we get to take it off a lot.

Let some sun shine on your dream of hunting in Alaska. 


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