Two Knives


I love knives.

I love high performance knives, I love custom knives and I love heirloom knives.  Someday I will own that Damascus-bladed, sheep-horn-handled, hunting blade that I've always dreamed about.

In the real world, however, I rely on two knives to do 97% of my in-the-field skinning, caping, fleshing and butchering. 

Often when preparing for long or remote hunts, I throw in a third knife as a general purpose every day carry type knife.

There are many great knives that can get the job done, but below are the two go-to, do-everything knives that I use for 7 + months of guiding everything in Alaska from moose and brown bears to fox and harlequin ducks.  In addition to my two go-to knives, I've included my favorite general purpose folding knife.   


1. Havalon Piranta - $35




I have used a Havalon Piranta for breaking down almost every animal that I have killed or...

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