Travel Logistics | New Zealand Hunt Planner


Good planning will make your New Zealand hunt a breeze to execute.  




I was overwhelmed and pretty stressed out while planning our trip to the South Island.  But from the time I got to the airport until I returned home again, the trip was pretty dang effortless.  


That might come as a surprise considering that I completely forgot to fill out a couple of forms until the last minute and missed my connection after re-entering US Customs on the return flight.  On the whole though, the trip was easy, and the experience was priceless.


Here is a quick and dirty breakdown of how to plan your travel logistics for your DIY hunt-of-a-lifetime in New Zealand.


Remember, it may seem like a lot at first, but if you follow the steps as they are laid out, you won’t have anything to stress out about.


First Things First 

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