Two Knives


I love knives.

I love high performance knives, I love custom knives and I love heirloom knives.  Someday I will own that Damascus-bladed, sheep-horn-handled, hunting blade that I've always dreamed about.

In the real world, however, I rely on two knives to do 97% of my in-the-field skinning, caping, fleshing and butchering. 

Often when preparing for long or remote hunts, I throw in a third knife as a general purpose every day carry type knife.

There are many great knives that can get the job done, but below are the two go-to, do-everything knives that I use for 7 + months of guiding everything in Alaska from moose and brown bears to fox and harlequin ducks.  In addition to my two go-to knives, I've included my favorite general purpose folding knife.   


1. Havalon Piranta - $35




I have used a Havalon Piranta for breaking down almost every animal that I have killed or...

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Must Have Gear For Your Alaska Hunt

Last season I guided two hunters who's once-in-a-lifetime moose hunt was almost ruined because of one simple mistake that could have been easily prevented.

You don't want to make the same mistake on your first hunt in Alaska either!  

Later, on a peninsula brown bear hunt, I guided another gentleman who had a similar problem.  He was getting wet every day through his "waterproof" jacket and he ended up spending a couple of days in the tent staying dry while I glassed for bears.


Don't make the same mistake!  You can buy a set of awesome, 100% waterproof, rain gear for $146.00 and I'll show you how, plus a few more items to make your hunt a success.


Rain Jacket - 

All three of these rain jackets will keep you totally dry, even in Alaska weather.



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