Weapons and Strategies | New Zealand Hunt Planner


With a dozen big game species and a variety of habitats from glaciated mountains to coastal plains to thick, dark forests, New Zealand has a huge amount of variety for the keen hunter.  You would be hard pressed to hunt every game animal in every habitat, even if you stayed hard after it for a couple of months.


In addition to the dizzying variety, every hunter has to choose for his or herself what weapon they will hunt with and what hunting strategy or strategies they will utilize on their hunt.  For some this will be easy, for others it might be a bit more of a difficult decision. Here are a few tips to help you choose.


Unless you are a diehard muzzleloader hunter like good ol’ Jim Shockey, the choice of what weapon to take will generally come down to and decision between rifle vs bow.  


Bowhunting is (unfortunately) not a very popular pastime in New Zealand.  When I landed in Christchurch on my first trip to New...

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