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Ok, based on comments on Instagram and email responses it seems that the interest for a New Zealand hunt planning guide is just a smidge more than for a general info Alaska guide.


Sooooo, here we go!  (BTW, if you had your heart set on the Alaska course, hang in there.  It will be coming next)


This here outline is how I'm thinking about laying out the course content.  If you saw the email, you might remember that I described this as a general info, high level course that would teach you all the info that you would need to know to plan your own adventure in New Zealand, but without a lot of the super nitty-gritty species and location specific detail that has gone into the likes of the Haul Road Caribou Guide, Adak Caribou Guide and Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Guide.


That said, there will still be plenty of info about each game species plus where to find them in New Zealand.  So don't fear...GREAT info will be inside the hunt planner.


Here is the rough draft of the outline.  If you watched the free training Plan Your Alaska Dream Hunt - Even If You Don't Know Where To Start, then you will know that in order to plan any hunt you have to answer 10 basic questions.  These questions are broken down into two categories, Hunt Characteristics and Hunt Logistics.  (If you haven't watched the free training...go watch it!  Its 35 minutes, it walks you through how I plan all of my hunts...and its free!)


You can see that the main content of the outline below is broken down by the Hunt Characteristics and Hunt Logistics questions.  If you have purchased any of the Alaska DIY guides, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. 



Course Introduction

  1. How To Use This Guide
  2. About Your Instructor
  3. An Introduction to Hunting in NZ
    • Available Species
    • Big Game Introduction
    • No closed seasons/bag limits
    • NZ Hunting Permit
    • Hunting Regions
    • Poison and Culling
    • NZ’s Ballot System
  4. What Will It Cost
    • Commercial Airfare
    • Transportation Costs
    • Lodging
  5. Safety In The Southern Alps - New

Hunt Characteristics

  1. Mountain Hunting’s Greatest Value - Why
    • What is special about mountain hunting?
    • Why high country?
  2. NZ’s Big Game Species - What
    • Tahr
    • Chamois
    • Red Deer
    • Fallow
    • Sika
    • Sambar
    • Rusa
    • Wild boar
  3. North Island vs South Island - Where
    • East Coast
    • West Coast
    • Fiordland
    • North Island
    • South Island
    • Private vs Public land
  4. Time of Year - Seasons, Weather and the Rut - When
    • Off Season hunting in the Southern Hemisphere
    • Rut dates for game species
    • Dealing with New Zealand weather (it can be significant!)
  5. Weapons and Strategies - How
    • Rifle vs Bow
    • Spot and Stalk
    • Calling
  6. Choosing a Partner - Who
    • Hunting NZ is not for the faint of heart

Hunt Logistics

  1. Travel to NZ
    • Import/Export of Trophies
    • Rental Cars
    • Hike-in Options
    • Helicopter Options
    • Passport
    • Commercial Airfare
    • Traveling with a firearm
    • Baggage fees
    • Carry-on policies
    • Budget Travel
    • Convenient Travel
    • What NZ city to fly into?
    • Details: paperwork, sim cards, debit/credit cards
    • Travel in New Zealand
  2. Lodging
    • Backpackers
    • Airbnb
    • Remote DOC Huts
    • Tent camping / Freedom Camping
  3. Food
    • Eating Out
    • Grocery Stores
    • Backpacking Food
    • Take your own food
    • Wild Game
  4. Gear
    • Backpacking 
    • Alaska gear sufficient for NZ
    • Crampons, Ice Axes and Safety
    • Gear List PDF

Course Wrap Up

  1. Putting it all Together
    • Guided vs DIY (this could go in the Introduction???)
    • Additional Resources
    • Hunt Planning Worksheet
  2. Bonus Material
    • Awesome Things To Do With Families/Partners
    • Connecting with a Kiwi host



And this is what it would look like:





What do you think?



1. Is anything missing in the outline?  Does it make sense the way its laid out?


2. What are the top 1-3 questions that immediately come to mind for you when thinking about a trip to New Zealand?




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