Must Have Gear For Your Alaska Hunt

Last season I guided two hunters who's once-in-a-lifetime moose hunt was almost ruined because of one simple mistake that could have been easily prevented.

You don't want to make the same mistake on your first hunt in Alaska either!  

Later, on a peninsula brown bear hunt, I guided another gentleman who had a similar problem.  He was getting wet every day through his "waterproof" jacket and he ended up spending a couple of days in the tent staying dry while I glassed for bears.


Don't make the same mistake!  You can buy a set of awesome, 100% waterproof, rain gear for $146.00 and I'll show you how, plus a few more items to make your hunt a success.


Rain Jacket - 

All three of these rain jackets will keep you totally dry, even in Alaska weather.





Rain Pants - 

Here are the matching bottoms to the above-mentioned tops.  If you choose the Helly Hansens, I prefer the bibs for anything but a backpack sheep hunt:






Gloves - 

I never leave camp without at least ONE pair of these in my pack.  They are the only style of glove that I have found to be absolutely waterproof, day in and day out, no matter what. 



I always buy the Showas one size too big and wear a pair of liner gloves underneath.  This way I can separate them at night to dry out (from hand perspiration).  Any quick-drying synthetic liner glove will work, but these are both a good choice:



Since we are on the topic of gloves, I always keep a pair of each of these gloves in my pack for field dressing game.  The Samurais are ultra-lightweight and offer cut resistant protection in the backcountry when skinning and butchering game. 

I wear the nitrile gloves over the Samurais to keep my hands clean and dry.  Get the heavy-duty nitrile gloves that are marketed to the painting and automotive industry.



Gaiters -

Gaiters + Goretex boots + Rain Pants = perfectly dry feet and legs in the worst weather!  There are several gaiters to choose from, but you cannot go wrong with Outdoor Research.  All Outdoor Research gear has an unlimited lifetime warranty and their customer service has been incredible for me.  Both choices are similar, with the Verglas being lighter weight and slightly less burly.




Bonus!  Late Season Gear -

If you are hunting during the late season, this hat and neck gaiter combination will keep you ridiculously warm.  The neck gaiter alone is worth its weight in gold:





So that was more than three...or four...or even five items. 


Actually, I would love to recommend 6-7 more pieces of gear that can really make a huge impact on the comfort and success of your Alaska hunt, but these simple items really can make a huge difference in the success of your hunt.

As a guide I've noticed that when a hunter is comfortable, they flat-out hunt harder and are less likely to give up.  I guarantee that the harder you hunt and the longer you stick with it, the higher your odds of success.   This gear is the "short list" for maximum comfort in the backcountry.  Get some.



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