Hey, my name is Abe Henderson

I created Alaska DIY from a desire to help my hunting buddies learn how to plan their dream hunts.


When I started guiding in Alaska nine years ago, I realized that I had friends back at home in the lower 48 who had always dreamed of hunting in Alaska, but had never done anything about it because they didn't even know where to start


I knew I could help.


I wrote these how-to guides like I would write a series of emails to my buddies, explaining everything they would need to know about planning their own adventure. 


I made the guides as simple as possible so that you won't get bogged down in analysis paralysis or second guess your decisions, like I often do.


As a full-time hunting guide in Alaska, I live and breathe hunt logistics eight months out of the year.  When I'm not helping clients achieve their dreams, I'm busy planning my own adventures in Alaska and around the world.


I actually like doing this stuff! 


Check out a guide if you are interested.  I put my heart into creating them and if you want to hunt in Alaska, I think they can be an incredible value for planning your hunt. 


And if you don't like it, its ok.  I'll give your money back.


Its not about the money for me...not really.  If I could play one small part in helping you achieve just one of your dreams, I would be thrilled.


- Abe


In the summer of 2017 Abe, Jess, Malachi, Josiah, Hazel, Hadley and Adelaide loaded up all of their guns, fishing rods and muck boots into a 27 foot travel trailer and moved to Alaska.  Abe is a full time hunting guide, amateur photographer and serves on the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance and the Alaska Chapter Board of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.  Jess pulls the trailer around the Kenai Peninsula, fishing and homeschooling the kids while Abe is in the field guiding. 

In the winter they rent a cabin nestled in the Chugach Mountains outside Anchorage.  You can find them hanging out at The Rock Gym, Steam Dot Coffee or shopping at the local thrift stores.


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